David Guetta Feat KiD CuDi- Memories


Good times for french DJ David Guetta. “I Gotta Feeling” which he produced for the Black Eyed Peas is all over the radio and also working with big money making acts like Kelly Roland and Akon.

I admit that I’m not excluded when it comes to being infected by this “I Gotta Feeling “song- just to damn catchy. “Memories” with CuDi is just the same only that CuDI is still cool enough to like that song.

Side-note: I tell you I wanted to put a David Guetta picture in the post but…

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Filed under dance, electro, hip hop

3 responses to “David Guetta Feat KiD CuDi- Memories

  1. RAP

    I actually like this song alot. I listened to it a good 7 times today. That’s how I usually listen to music.

  2. Elvia

    I despise that he’s working w/ “big” people b/c that makes him commercial but I guess he’s gotta make a profit. :/

    I love Guetta (aside from his Akon & K.Rowland type of $ tracks)! I was so excited the first (& possibly the last) time he came to Houston, TX! I couldn’t stop dancing 🙂 He is great and he’s madd cute too! His wifey is super lucky!

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