Friday With Pippo

friday with pippo

Welcome back to my Friday post. Since everybody loved the last Friday post I will try to provide you with some weekend starters on every Friday from now on.

Not all the music you will find is brand new, but it isn’t old neither.

I’m starting with a big name. It’s the mighty Crookers – they remixed Fever Ray‘s “Seven”.


Fever Ray- Seven ( Crookers Remix)

A little more melodic but still perfect to party to is the music from Picureplane. His album “Dark Rift” came out August 4th and it’s brilliant- his whole sound reminds me of Depeche Mode and/ or Cut Copy.

Pictureplane- Boys In Blush ( via PMA)

(Celly users click link below for download on phone)
Pictureplane- Gang Signs (via PMA)

It’s nearly impossible to make a post with a lot of music to party to these days without having to put a La Roux remix in there. Because it just never misses it’s effect. I like this remix by Jack Beats best so far. He gives “I’m Not Your Toy” a vibrating and mean electronic feeling.

La Roux- I’m Not Your Toy ( Jack Beats Remix)

Now if a guy calls his album “Ready For The Weekend” it’s a must be in this post. I’m talking about Calvin Harris of course and his “Relax” is way better than that corny “Flashback” I posted some days ago.

Calvin Harris- Relax

For the next one I switch genres a way a DJ would never do. I’m going straight from Electro to Dancehall. This is one Big Tune right here. I love Mavado. HisĀ  moaning voice stumbling over deep beats is just exactly my thing. His new tune “Never Believe You” is more for the clubs though. The piano at the end is what makes the song so great.

Mavado- Never Believe You

Now it’s getting predictable. You know I was going to post some Indie. Los Angeles crew Mellowdrone sound a bit like Interpol gone a bit wilder, and their new album “Angry Bear was written and recorded with the intent to break away from glossy production and create a record that is imperfectly perfect.

Elephant is the lead single off that album.

Mellowdrone- Elephant ( via Citizendick)

Last one now is for everybody who has to stay home and is sending desperate text messages to the girl/boy he/she is in love with. It’s incredible how sensitive I can be on a Friday.

Antony & The Johnsons covering Beyonce. If you know the Travis remix of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” you know how good such things work.

Antony& The Johnsons- Crazy In Love Cover

Wow, what a Friday that it already is! It was a pleasure and I wish y’all the best.

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