The Far Out Work of Jon Vermilyea

Jon Vermilyea has tapped into the old 1960’s Mars Attacks Topps cards that I didn’t even knew existed until now. I remember getting Topps sports cards with the stale bubblegum inside,but what a treat it would’ve been to get a Topps non-sports card.

After looking into this I see that I’ve been living underneath a rock because Topps has been making non sports cards for a long time.

In the 1980’s Topps started making  Mars Attacks mini Comic Books, then in 1994 Tim Burton made the classic movie  Mars Attacks.Topps still make non-sports cards,even for a TV show we may watch called Heroes .

The vibrant colors and new twist by Jon is a great restoration of the start of a classic era, which is Mars Attacks!

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4 responses to “The Far Out Work of Jon Vermilyea

  1. severnyproductions

    cool art. he’s real talented

  2. coolios 🙂 love this!

    btw, when i don’t log into wordpress – then i’m the she-devil, lol. but i’m too lazy to do the whole signing/logging in thing now so oh well. :/

  3. pashoncoop

    Haha…log in!!! we want to see your face…not she devil

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