friday with pippo

It’s about time. Today’s Friday with Me is full of big names. We got The XXVolcano Choir, Passion Pit and of course the obligatory La Roux is “in for the kill” too.

I start with Passion Pit because the Shuttles Super Club Mega Mix 99 is blazing me away just in that moment.

Passion Pit – The Reeling (Shuttles Super Club Mega Mix ‘99)

Lack of heat is not delivered by Lifelike‘s La Roux remix.

“What is life without lust” …hmmm…

La Roux- In For The Kill ( Lifelike Remix)

Sudden but in a very beautiful way I reduce the tempo in the music I post to bring you the most intense voice of last year and perhaps two of the voices that will dominate this year. I’m talking about Justin Vernon ( with Volcano Choir) and The XX.

Them Jeans manage to give “Shelter” a lounge-y feel without destroying the deep and melodramatic XX sound. The result is brilliant.

Of course you won’t have a crazy party to that but it’s beautiful to have a last cigarette on the balcony and let the night pass by your inner eye.

The XX- Shelter ( Them Jeans Drum Edit) ( via.Blackraptor)

Volcano Choir-  Youlogy

Last in line is the song you wanna wake up to. Grab a coffee and just start the day whistling. It’s not a complicated melody, it’s not a complex story, it’s a nice and relaxing song by Islands.

Islands- Vapours (via PMA)

That’s it for this Friday. You can listen to all the tracks above.

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One response to “FRIDAY WITH PIPPO

  1. pashoncoop

    Dude Volcano Choir-Youlogy= Bone chillingly Good

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