This weeks FRIDAY WITH PIPPO is all about making up for letting you down on a lot of good music that came out this week because I’ve been surrounded by work.

So now it’s about forgetting work, letting go and starting the weekend full of good new music ( wow a lot of shit came out this week, luckily for you  my taste of music is just THIS good).

I don’t even know where to start. So I’ll start very random with this remix James Ford did for the Gossip’s song “Pop Goes The World”. I have to admit that I don’t even know the original thus I can only talk about the remix. There are a lot of things going on but the guitar, which in some parts is nearly Nu-Metal like, drew my attention the most and I have to say that I’m starting to really like Beth Ditto‘s voice.

All in all this remix right here is something that everybody, no matter what genre you prefer, could like.

The Gossip- Pop Goes The World ( James Ford Remix)

Not less hyped than The Gossip is Amanda Blank. Dave Wrangler takes her hit “I Might Like You Better” and mixes it with Yacht. Danceable.

Just because Dave Wrangler is the topic I got you another remix he did.

Yacht vs. Amanda Blank- Might Like You Better ( Dave Wrangler Remix)

Outkast vs. Ratatat- Wheelz Of Stell ( Dave Wrangler Remix)

Both via healthryder.

Next one is for everybody who’s planing to overdose tonight. Music-wise it’s way to much of a pop song but topic-wise it’s just what The Raveonettes have in store for you.

The Raveonettes- Last Dance

Okay wait, wait ,wait I will make a wordplay: my massive attack on your Friday continues with new music by Massive Attack. Is that even a wordplay? I don’t know I work in a factory I’m allowed to talk shit.

But..let’s talk about the song. It’s deep, it’s dark could be some soundtrack music for a movie called “The Theme-park Of Death”- somehow the song at the same time still is really chilled.  The question is where to put that on a Friday night?!

My suggestion: Get your lonely loner on, hop in the subway, sit next to a window with a tag on it, put your headphones on and ride on Friday night while feeling superior because everybody is partying but you are cool enough to be alone.

Massive Attack- Splitting The Atom

Next one falls under the category “friday night just with your partner at home”.

Not that I try to put great journalistic work in my Friday posts but “JJ” make even easier. They want to be anonymous with the focus just on their music.


JJ- Are You Still In Vallda

Alright but let us get away from chilling in bed, overdosing and taking a lonely subway ride and move straight on the dance-floors. Nobody less than Tiga, Crookers, Fake Blood and Boy 8 Bit are expecting you there. WOW!

Fake Blood- Mars ( Boy 8 Bit Remix)

Tiga- Bleep Bleep Bleep (Crookers Remix)

Both via Love That Tune.

Now if you miss anything but La Roux on this weeks FRIDAY WITH PIPPO I really don’t know…

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