The Photography of Cody Weber


Cody Weber is an artist from Illinois who does a little bit of everything.

If he’s known for anything, most likely it’s for his YouTube account, wherein he posts everything ranging from simple unabashed rants,  to video blogs, short movies, poems and music.

To be honest I think he’s extremely good at all of those things and I could easily write posts for each of them. But my favorite endeavor of his is his photography. And so it should be — his photography, much like the rest of his art repertoire, is extremely diverse, evocative, beautiful and most of all really, really good.

Look, you should check his stuff out.

A lot more photos and other creations over at: Cody Weber Writes Things


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2 responses to “The Photography of Cody Weber

  1. haha, I am extremely flattered by this dude! I was ego surfing on the internet this morning and found this article. Thanks man!

  2. ricktimus

    Aw no problem man! Cool that you found this little blog post.

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