Lady Gaga- Paparazzi ( Mr. Vega Remix) / The Lady Gaga’s Face Post..

Posting this gives me a reason to search for some sexy Lady Gaga pictures. Even though I’m still not sure whether I like her face or not- she could be pretty mouse-y looking without make-up but on the other hand…ah I don’t know.

I’m not supposed to talk about faces here, I’m supposed to talk about music and also in Lady Gaga’s case the face doesn’t matter because I don’t want a relationship with her and if I don’t want a relationship with somebody the face is not THAT important if you come around with a body like this.

God damn I’m doing it again- I lost the topic. I won’t try to find it again, I’d rather keep poking.. aahm analyzing Lady Gaga’s face- you listen to that remix in the mean time.

Lady Gaga- Paparazzi ( Mr. Vegas Remix) ( via. Shenna Beaston)

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12 responses to “Lady Gaga- Paparazzi ( Mr. Vega Remix) / The Lady Gaga’s Face Post..

  1. pashoncoop

    I wouldn’t want to Poker face her at all.You sure do ramble in English a lot for a German. I can see you dancing to this right now Pippo and it gives me great pleasure. haha

  2. pashoncoop

    Nice remix though Mr.Vega.

    • pippokolores

      I hate to correct my main man and mentor but its not mr. vegas ( he’s a dancehall artist) but without the “s”. but with anything else you right as always.

  3. pashoncoop

    I don’t see no s Pippo…haha.. 😛

  4. bikini

    m a big fan of gaga her musiq rockz!!!

  5. haha, Lady Gaga is so funny! I love her.

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