Fancy Girl Shoes by Kron

Icelandic shoe company Kron make colorful women shoes from great quality material for the appearance of a splendid and timeless shoe.

I had a friend of mine give me an honest opinion on what she thought of Kron’s shoes since I am a boy and she is a girl.

These Kron heels remind me of those umbrellas that are black on the outside and sunny cloudscapes on the inside. Rather, they remind me of how I feel when I see those umbrellas – when I smile to myself and think “Oh! That’s nice…”

I wasn’t crazy about these designs at first glance, I gotta admit. Yet I took a second look and they made a believer out of me. A few things really stick out in my mind- like the way this collection seems to blend together the style and general feeling of different eras. In one pair of shoes, you get vintage wingtip with flashes of 80’s neon; in another its 70’s hippy clogs with modern tassel zipper pulls and 90’s chunky heels. It makes my head spin! (In a good way.)

They aren’t all so successful though- on the online store they show some pretty awful laced up, mesh-infused numbers that seem to be a blend of Victorian and futuristic styles, done in really bland tones of navy, red and black…which reminds me more of trashy sci-fi made for TV movie rather than pretty shoes that I want to wear.

In my opinion, this collection is at best when it keeps embellishments to a minimum and sticks to simple designs with lots of surprises thrown in. A minimal grey base with loud coral heels, teal suede mixed with patent leather, some silly patterns here and there – those are the styles that make me wish I was the Icelandic girl roaming wild and free in these photos! –Christie

Photography by Saga and go there for more photos.

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