Come out and plahaaay it’s Friday With Pippo again!

This week being all about KiD CuDi’s first major effort ‘Man On The Moon: The End Of Day‘ and since the leaks this week eclipsed ( that word just fits perfectly when talking about a album with ‘moon‘ in the title) all the early leaks, I feel like putting two of them here.

Up, Up, Away‘ is for everybody who just came out of bed. It’s one of CuDi’s less melancholic and more positive tracks. It’s perfect to grab a coffee, going out in the cold late summer sun and showing the world your most ill-est middle finger.

KiD CuDi- Up, Up, Away

‘Alive’ is set later that day. Way later. At night time. Woooo. Get your werewolf, leave the forest and enter the city.
Another great beat by Ratatat!!

KiD CuDi- Alive

Even if the werewolves will now have their difficulties, we enter the club. The Stereo Heroes bring us a banger with the explosive mixture of a big electro beat and some  raps over it. I mean of course no Nas raps but Mickey Avalon raps!

How you say in the States..: NSFW! Therefore very suitable for partying and AFTER PARTYING!

StereoHeroes (ft. Mic Terror) – Juke Dem Hoes

No after party yet? Eli Escobar- I posted that last great video– mixes The Glass song and the title says it all: I Wanna Be Dancing!

The Glass- I Wanna Be Dancing ( Eli Escobar Mix)

Not quite as fast and more house and dubstep inspired, but no less greater is Martyn‘s remix for Fever Ray’s Seven ( you may notice that I posted a Crookers remix to that song another Friday.)

Fever Ray- Seven ( Martyn Remix) ( via HHV)

Now since the the club records are that great today I feel absolutely free to provide the wine drinking-, staying home on a Friday night- people with more music than normally.Also it’s about to be autumn, and I have the songs that fit the occasion just perfectly.

The first two are just plain and simply beautiful and have nothing to do with seasons.

Talon’s- Cole ( via. Own Records)

Divisible- Everybody ( via. Fanatic Promotion)

Harper Lee- Autumn ( via. Indie Pages)

The Clientele- Harverst Time ( via. Merger Records)

Alright beloved readers, my Friday in “old Europe” is already starting and I’m really satisfied with the music in the post so I’ll leave you with that.


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3 responses to “FRIDAY WITH PIPPO

  1. pashoncoop

    This is killer one Pippo.

  2. pippokolores

    I felt the same about it. thanks for you well appreciated appreciation.

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