Reactable – Music Table Interface

Ok people I would imagine that many of you would love to have a crack at this wicked music table called Reactable. No training required, all you need are those built up creative juices to be let loose… and bam you are a musician thanks to the Reactable.

Of course I can’t describe it any better, but here is a small blurb off the Reactable site that gives a run down.

“The Reactable is a revolutionary new electronic musical instrument designed to create and perform the music of today and tomorrow. It combines state of the art technologies with a simple and intuitive design, which enables musicians to experiment with sound, change its structure, control its parameters and be creative in a direct and refreshing way, unlike anything you have ever known before. The Reactable uses a so called tangible interface, where the musician controls the system by manipulating tangible objects.

I want one for my house…

Basic lesson on how to use it

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One response to “Reactable – Music Table Interface

  1. pippokolores

    They had a thing like that in Wellington,NZ. It was a lot of fun!

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