J. Period & K’Naan vs Bob Dylan-The Messengers

the messenger

I have to admit that we aren’t quite a big hip hop blog. But there is one artist that was featured on our blog a couple of times now, for whom everybody shared the same feeling: LOVE.

There are many possible reasons for that but I think first and foremost it’s his talent to deliver serious or more deep topics with a flow and a voice that sweeps easily over the ground.

I’m talking about K’Naan ( of course?!) who just released just released the third and final installment of The Messenger Mixtapes series ( get the first 2 HERE) together with J.Period.

After Fela Kuti and Bob Marley now Bob Dylan is the one who they pay homage too. I think it’s a fantastic taste these two proof with their choice for tributes.

The following statement explains best what this tape is all about:

Episode #3 celebrates America’s reluctant Civil Rights song leader and poetic voice, Bob Dylan.  Dylan’s own struggle with his status as a “Messenger” is well-documented: he shunned the tremendous expectations placed on him during the 60’s, preferring to see himself as a songwriter rather than a social leader. Nevertheless, the impact of his music is undeniable and, over 40 years since Dylan’s arrival, J.Period & K’NAAN set out to show his continued relevance, both socially and musically.  On The Messengers #3: Bob Dylan, J.Period remixes and re-invents Dylan’s music for the hip hop generation, while K’NAAN channels Dylan’s poetic voice with heartfelt and compelling lyrics.  The result is an unprecedented and truly unique mixtape offering.

Nuff said.
Here’s the download:

J.Period & K’Naan- The Messenger 3: Bob Dylan

Thanks to Stonesthrow for the hit up!

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One response to “J. Period & K’Naan vs Bob Dylan-The Messengers

  1. I applaud you for having the forum here to try and generate some meaningful discussion about topics that affect us all. Freedom of speech is a great thing. 🙂

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