I-DJ Exclusive Mix – Falty DL

A  mix for i-D mag from sushi chef turned turntable chef ,Faltydl ,and you can expect nothing but the best.

1. Hudson Mowhawk “Rising 5” Warp
2. Ultragamma “Meleportation” dub
3. Floating Points “Esthian III” Planet-Mu
4. Luke Vibert “Acid 2000” Planet-Mu
5. FaltyDL “To London” RAMP Recordings
6. FaltyDL “Party” RAMP Recordings
7. FaltyDL “Alpafun” RAMP Recordings
8. FaltyDL “Paradise Lost” Planet-Mu
9. FaltyDL “Play Child” Planet-Mu
10. sbtrkt “oneweekover” RAMP Recordings
11. Shortstuff “A Rustling” RAMP Recordings

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