Shakira – She Wolf (Official Remix Ft. T-Pain)


Shakira‘s ‘She Wolf” is already one of the most fun things I’ve heard this year and here comes T-Pain with a manic verse that just ends up adding to that, as well as injecting a little bit of humour into the song.

(Because, look, the wolf howl was kind of totally cheesy to begin with, and then T-Pain comes along and does it with Auto-Tune and oh god the result sounds so hilarious.)

All right, despite making it sound as if this remix is only good as a novelty-type thing, I do think it’s actually pretty great. As I said, T-Pain just adds another layer of innocuous but extremely catchy fun. Makes me glad he didn’t go and take ‘D.O.A.’ seriously, really.

Also, just because… the ‘She Wolf’ video:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

mp3: Shakira – She Wolf (Official Remix Ft. T-Pain)

(click for download page)

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– Rick

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