Pippo’s Weekend Pick -Junior Boys ‘Work’ (Prins Thomas Remix)

Isn’t this a lovely header picture of Pippo? I had to snag it from his Facebook.

Pippo is sad from not being able to serve our lovely D&N community a Friday With Pippo, but after listening to his weekend pick, I think you all will forgive Pippo.

Junior Boys ‘Work’ (Prins Thomas Remix)

via: Fader

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4 responses to “Pippo’s Weekend Pick -Junior Boys ‘Work’ (Prins Thomas Remix)

  1. Where for art thou, Phillip?
    Omg, so love that boy! I can’t believe he put up my fave fave fave Junior Boys track/remix! I swear, he’s a great mind!!! 🙂

    & Indeed, that’s one sick image. x.

  2. pippokolores

    how much love I get when I’m away. I should just retire so everybody treats me like a legend.

  3. pashoncoop

    Don’t be Jay-z Pippo and I won’t let you retire!!!

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