The Atom Smashers – Kate Simko

The Atom Smashers is a Science documentary about physicists trying to find the Higgs Boson particle or the “God Particle” and I know,it sounds crazy.

Kate Simko composed the soundtrack for this documentary,using her pianist and composer background plus adding ambient/electro which gives the soundtrack a spacey and daydream atmosphere.

Kate Simko – Tevatron Dream

Couldn’t help myself but to lookout the rain dropped covered window and daydream.

Another free download and info @ Ghostly International

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4 responses to “The Atom Smashers – Kate Simko

  1. Angelcake

    You can see how it all comes together online:

    and learn a little science along the way =)

  2. pashoncoop

    It’s all philosophy science. God Particles? Come on.Call me a naysayer.

  3. Angelcake

    Watch the video, it’s as real as the bandana around your head, my brother.

  4. pashoncoop

    You’re right Angel cake it shouldn’t be called God Particle.

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