Detroit Music Legend Sixto Rodriguez

What a shame it is for me and many others who just came in contact with the underground music of Detroit legend Sixto Diaz Rodriguez.

I’m fascinated how Sixto Rodriguez could release 2 albums in the late 60’s and 70’s  only to be dropped due to record sells.

How could American let Sixto slip away? We may never know but his success in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia is the true story.An Australian record label released 2 of Sixto’s albums in the mid 70’s so he toured in Australia until 1979 then went back to working on cars in Detroit.

In 1991 Sixto’s 2 albums were released in South Africa and Sixto had no idea until 1998 when his daughter found a website dedicated to him.S0 what else would Sixto do upon hearing about his success in South Africa? Put down his wrench,close that car hood and go on tour of course.

Sixto Rodriguez started his South African tour in 1998 including 2001 and 2005. Sixto’s song Sugarman got play on Triple J radio station in Sydney,Australia in 2002, no wonder because I absolutely love this song.

The movie Candy starring Health Ledger used Sugarman,once you hear it you’ll know why.

Sixto has a new reissued album out called Coming from Reality.Also on his site it seems he’s on tour in South Africa.

Better late than never.

Sixto Rodriguez Official Site

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4 responses to “Detroit Music Legend Sixto Rodriguez

  1. I used to listen to Triple J all the time. Not quite the same radio station theses days…

    However, I won’t lie – I had no clue about this music legend until Decoy wrote a review on “Rodriguez – Cold Fact” (1970). If I may share the link, here it is:

  2. pashoncoop

    When was it you found out about Sixto Manz?

  3. You’re going to want to slap me… but only this year! Shocking – right!? I recognised the sound from listening to Triple J years ago, but I never knew who I was listening to! Shame on me!!

  4. pashoncoop

    Well, we are in the same boat my man.That’s why I had to get Sixto out there some.

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