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four tet

Four Tet is a project from U.K. artist Kieran Hebden who’s not only done a lot of great remixes ( for Madvillain, Radiohead, Bloc Party and many more) which shows his diverse taste in music, but he also creates his own music, alone and with well known acts like Burial.

If you want to get a taste ( even if it’s hard to really get a taste, because his music is steady changing and developing) you can check out his album Rounds which got puff pieces from all the British press.

Everything Is Alright

Just this Monday he released a new 12′ called Love Cry is nearly impossible to put the song in a specific genre, which is the biggest compliment that I can express for a track. It has elements from electronic music, lounge, dub step and London Bass Music.

Listen to it on Domino Records – where that great piece of music will also be released- or stream it on his myspace.

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