Start Growing Your Mustaches, It’s Movember !

Only if my stache could grow like Magnum P.I’s.Even if your stache doesn’t grow like Tom Selleck’s it’s the good cause that makes Movember.

You start clean shaven then start growing your Brad Pitt  crustache for Movember and by doing so you raise money for mens awareness on prostate and testicular cancer. Women can join the cause too by joining  Day & Night blog’s Movember team.

A couple of us got silly and pre-gamed it before Movember to give you all some motivation to help out on a good cause.

Carmen's Movember stache


Christie's Dollar dollar bill stache

Pashon a.k.a Lando Calrissian

Get with the cause and Donate now.

There’s a Lifelounge forum that you can upload your stache progress or just see everyones .

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5 responses to “Start Growing Your Mustaches, It’s Movember !

  1. glmrpss

    Movember? I thought it was No Shave November and Moustache March.

  2. Pashon looks adorable in this post 🙂

  3. pashoncoop

    thx 🙂

  4. ricktimus

    I had no knowledge of the whole Movember thing, but I did start growing the beard back a couple of days ago. That sort of counts right? Mustaches get lonely.

    • pashoncoop

      I’m not a big fan of shaving your already existing stache an then start growing it back.I guess were making our own rules that’s still going to help with the cause.

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