ISO50 Music Exclusive Part III

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ISO50 is a music blog that you will never ever find a sucky music post.At least I haven’t , their newest Exclusive mix is free and don’t sleep on it.

A Beirut remix of Venice by Tom Croose,then The King with ‘Can’t Help Falling In love’ remix by Michigan’s 800beloved ,also Shigeto mixes Ravi Shankar – The Sound of India and last but definitely not least is Aphex Twin – Rhubarb done up right by Addled.

ISO50 Music Exclusive Part III

Download it free here.
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2 responses to “ISO50 Music Exclusive Part III

  1. Yo, whos Sun & Hash by? I cant stop playing that track. Had to download. Flavorsome beats. 🙂 Dont Stop, Dont Stop!

  2. pashoncoop

    Shigeto remixes it.

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