Introducing: Golden Shoulders

golden shoulders

I’ve been incredibly sloppy when it comes to checking my inbox- I’m always fearing somebody has sent me a long message, with a lot of emotions, which would lead me to a guilty conscience since I would be to lazy to write something loving and creative back. 

Aahm where was I heading to. Right, I WAS sloppy.Finally I checked it and what do I find, I find a precious song simply called ‘Mountain‘.

The band ‘ Golden Shoulder’ ( no showers here perverts) are a collection of talented musicians from Nevada City,CA and the song is from their third LP ‘ Get Reasonable’. I’ve never heard of them before, or their first two albums, but that song will definitely lead me to dig deeper.

Below you’ll find the track , album cover plus track-list and of course links that will help you support the band.

Golden Shoulders- Mountain (Right click link to Save as) (Cell phone compatible mp3)


get reasonable cover


01 Mountain
02 Let My Burden Be
03 Make No Mistake
04 Golden States
05 Little Nixon
06 Unconcerned Is Not Impressive Anymore
07 Know What I Think
08 Explain Yourself
09 I Was Robbed
10 Patience Darling, Patience
11 Settle Down
12 Listen Closely (I Will Fight You Now Liar)

Golden Shoulders official website
Golden Shoulders Myspace

Thanks to the band and Jessi Hector for the send- and the patience ( right?right?)

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One response to “Introducing: Golden Shoulders

  1. Yea, Pashon is terrible w/ talking about feelings and wonderful meets terrible things of that nature 😛

    Also, I wasn’t even thinking about Golden SHOWERS until you put that in parenthesis. Wack!

    But, I did enjoy the song ‘Mountain’ 🙂 They’re amazing! Go Golden SHOULDERS! Woo!

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