Tight Leggings from De La Sade

When we post fashion here you can bet your sweet ass that it’s going to be Eco-friendly,vintage ,80’s style and etc. De La Sade falls under 80’s style leggings for men and women.

I called this a long time ago,when dudes would bring back the leggings,like skinny jeans isn’t enough. I’m waiting for some rappers(Ninja Sonic/New Boyz)  to start sporting these in videos.

Peep their look book here.
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6 responses to “Tight Leggings from De La Sade

  1. I like the second (silver – disco ball colored) one, third one (neon paint – raver glow stick colored) one & the pink w/ black stripe one the guy is wearing. Also, digging that dude’s blue {New Balance?} shoes as well as 2nd pic from top girl’s shoes! x.

  2. pippokolores

    Are boys allowed to wear that too?
    With no potatoe in the crotch?

  3. pashoncoop

    hahaha…Camel Toe …lmao .. I should invent a Camel Toe blocker.

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