After Listening You’ll Sleep Whale

It’s very productive and a swell idea to check your emails.Sleep Whale was waiting for me there. What a pleasant surprise and fresh air it was to listen to Sleep Whale for the very first time.

Sleep Whale – Cotton Curls

Having played at SXSW two years in a row and playing the cello,guitar,violin and percussion in a way that heals and soothes the soul, Sleep Whale will help you dream well tonight.

Sleep Whale – Green Echos

Their blog is amazing as well. Purchase houseboat here.

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Filed under experimental, Indie Music, instrumental, music, pop, shoegaze

4 responses to “After Listening You’ll Sleep Whale

  1. pippokolores

    yeah yeah the inbox is one big sea of dusty treasure chests.
    this is beautiful!

  2. pashoncoop

    Vampires have to sleep

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