From The Sky To Back Roads With Emily Neveu

emily neveu

The vocals from Emily Neveu is similar to hearing Feist or Kate Bush, which is so beautiful that you want to hear more. On her Myspace page she lists Cat Power as one of her influences and the way Emily uses her voice in a coated/dreamy way is reminiscent of Cat Power front-woman Chan Marshall.

Her talent doesn’t stop with her voice at all: she does artwork ( for herself and other bands), plays guitar and piano. Playing these instruments makes her songs even better because she uses them with her voice to build a magical relationship, that is sure to take the listener away into the bright wide spheres in the sky or into dark and misty back roads.

Definitely watch out for the first solo album ( she’s played in a lot of bands before: The Clock Work Army, Indian Moon, The Muslims, Calico Horse) from the girl form Vallejo, CA, which should drop on Lefse Records.

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