Drop In Octopus Pool by Never Crew

Drained/abandon swimming pools was a huge factor in the evolution and starting of skateboarding. A true art it is to drop in a pool then dominate every curve, nick and transition.

What a true art form it is to paint a huge octopus in the ocean to drop into.  Never Crew is responsible for the creative artwork and Ledfilms for the filming.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

via: City of Skies

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Filed under paintings, skateboarding, street art

4 responses to “Drop In Octopus Pool by Never Crew

  1. Thats soooo badass. You have inspired me to find you something. I shall be back as soon as I find this swimming pool designer from Wales, UK. Similar effect, different style, and of course, this isnt a pool, just artistically created to look like one. Dope fine, I bow….

  2. pashoncoop

    Would love to see it bro.

  3. HI THERE!!

    Thank you for writing about us!
    We really like your blog and we’re glad that you appreciate and share our work! 🙂
    If you want to see something new, next week we’ll post our new outdoor artwork on our blog: http://nevercrewblog.blogspot.com

    Thank you!!

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