Since so many people showed so much love for last Friday ( not that I would be the biggest fan of love, but you know it was that different love, that ’respect brother’, that ’Yo peace man’ love, that kind of love that is not longing, not putting you into the cage of dependence, leaving you space to dream ( wet) and fulfill these dreams) I’m excited as hell to start again today. And lucky for you, dear readers, this is not a disquisition about the pros and cons of love but straight music. So lets just do it.

I kind of liked the idea of always having a mix at the start of the post. And thanks to the Housewifes I’m able to bring you a  really great one. Since I posted a song of them last Friday I kept an eye on them ( you should ALWAYS do that with beautiful, talented women who ALSO got taste) and just yesterday  I found that amazing tech/ house mix by La Fleur (one half of them).

La Fleur- Paint House Mix

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are a phenomenon that took me some time to understand. I have to admit that in the beginning I was blinded by their appearance, thinking they look emo..
Of course I never leave prejudice a chance ( not) and since I got into their music, and first and foremost Karen O‘s voice, I can‘t remember the last time when I did not like one of their song.
This one here is a remix by the master A-Trak. I think he liberated it weeks ( a month?) ago but somehow I fucked up posting it. Even better that I‘m able to post it now- here.
‘Heads Will Roll‘ has been my party starter over the last weekends, and as brilliant as the track is, I‘m sure it could become yours too!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Heads Will Roll ( A-Trak Remix)

The song title is program for the next one. I NEED these kind of songs in  my post to keep the hedonistic touch.  I’m really well aware of me needing more sources, so if you have a song (you did yourself because you are an artist ( kuhl an artist reads my post) or if you like a song which is like that) – please send it.
But for now, just ‘Get Nasty’!

Larry Tee- Get Nasty ( Mustard Pimp Remix)

I know I didn’t lose a lot of positive thoughts for the originalNight By Night‘ by Chromeo but now that  the Smalltown Djs got their hands on the song I really like it. I wanna wear something pink with glitter and do some stupid disco moves to that.

Chromeo- Night By Night ( Smalltown Djs Remix)

Yeah Yeah Yeahs the second. Since everybody forgot all the other tracks last Friday over that ‘Whatever You Like‘ cover I have another one for you. Only that this time not a great pop artist is covered but one of the best indie bands over the last decades- Arcade Fire!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Maps ( Arcade Fire Cover)

Last song for today got me grooving from the second one. You can use this for the morning after Friday but it also suits a party very well what Jump Jump Dance created here. Pretty much in love..after all I am, right.

Jump Jump Dance- Do It For Love

Alright it’s now up to you to decide what you do it for tonight: fun, getting drunk, friends or even love. I hope I could provide you with music for the right occasion. You know what I’ll do it for.

I’m out.pippo

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2 responses to “FRIDAY WITH PIPPO

  1. SO Nice! babybwoy:)
    much love and respect:)

  2. pashoncoop

    Really like the Arcade Fire Cover.

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