Bounger – New Fangled Slang

Bounge is a singer/rhymer from Baltimore and Rogermultiuse is a dj from Brazil. The strong concoction of these two forms Bounger .

Bounger is a combination of ghetto-tech,electro,hip hop and raw crunkness.

Here’s an exclusive 3 song set sent for us to enjoy.

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5 responses to “Bounger – New Fangled Slang

  1. That reminds me I met this amazing Brazilian Indie/Electro DJ via Twitter… I’ll have to sent you his music/link if I haven’t already. Def worth a listen!

  2. pashoncoop

    Please do girl.

  3. Oh I got the Indie/Electro London DJ Tom Ford mixed up w/ the Techno/Electro Brazilian DJ Manolo Neto:

    I told him about you via FaceBook and your blog. Also, I think I just wrote something for you on Twitter – hopefully you received it 🙂

    You should def do a post on them! Would def appreciate it. I don’t know much about DJ T.Ford since I just met him earlier today/yesterday… but I’ve known about Manolo Neto for some days now as well as listened to his tracks on Twitter-land + MySpace-verse…. he’s madd talented! x.

  4. yeahhhh pashonnn!!! awesome !!!! keep in touch !!!brand new songs soon !! see you !! Rogermultiuse ( Bounger )

  5. pashoncoop

    Can’t wait to here them!

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