Adult Swim Music – ATL Remix

Sent to me by Pippo because he wasn’t able to post but good looking out because Adult Swim represents the ATL by getting artist like Starkey, Michna, and Hudson Hawke to remix Atliens such as Outkast, Gorilla Zoe,Young Dro and tons more 404,770 and 678 area code artist.

I picked just 5 songs that I liked, but there’s 11 more and the mix is free to download at Adult Swim.

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Filed under djs, electro, hip hop, music, rap, remixes

2 responses to “Adult Swim Music – ATL Remix

  1. “Sicker than your average” music post on the web. Adult Swim’s sub culture continues to flourish. Great collection of tracks fellas.

    Nice & Peace

  2. pashoncoop

    ATL BABY!! ( sorry for yelling)

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