Find Out What’s Going On With The Photography of Diecisiete17

How do you start off writing about a photographer you’ve never met but their photography reveals some much that you feel like you know them?

Easy, by asking them a couple of question about some of the photography you picked from their photo gallery. Diecisiete17 is the photographer,here’s his eye and a little information on some of his photography.

PC: Where was this picture taken?

D17: I always have a camera on me. I was in a local town and saw people lining up in the streets. It turned out to be a homecoming parade for the Lancashire Fusiliers who had been serving in Afghanistan. I just heard pipers and drummers in the distance, then before i knew it they were marching past me and gone as soon as they came.

PC: Did you arrange the clothes pins in this order or were they already like this ?

D17: Shot as they were, after a rainfall and don’t like changing much. I prefer finding things the way other people left them.

PC : Wow… What is this?

D17: It’s from a place called Clitheroe,on top of the castle which has been there for around 800 years.  It was recently improved and this was part of an installation to make it more accessible to people. Further along the castle are some more tubes you can shout down, and this is where you can be heard.

PC: What’s your favorite photo you’ve snapped so far ?

D17: I have a few for different reasons, but I like this one,from Tarifa, Spain. An amazing place for kite surfing.

PC: I had to decide between this one and the mainframe one, but this graffiti is just flawless. Can you tell me where the location was and how far away were you before snapping?

D17: Again, I came across this by chance, while I was walking. It’s on a disused building to house an electrical generator, on the outskirts of Salford,Manchester. I snapped as soon as I saw it and more as I got closer. It was freshly done, paint cans were still there and I got looks of disgust just photographing it from dog-walkers as if it had recently appeared. I think it’s from a crew called bomb masters, they have more work that I’ve found from the internet, but I would love to shoot some artists in action.

PC: Last question; One of your favorite places to shoot?

D17: One of my favorite places in the world is Ibiza. I’ve been here countless times but that’s the beauty of sunsets-you never see the same one twice.

A few more pictures I had to throw in.

Thanks for the time and great photography Diecisiete17 and hope to do it again. Check out his Flickr gallery for more photography.

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