( Artwork by Ruke)

The days are getting colder and shorter and sometimes you have to push yourself out of the house at this time of year, when you feel like you would rather get your couch potato on.  I’m here to remind you that nights are now getting longer so here’s some music to help you get up off that couch.

Today’s mix is different from the previous ones I’ve posted.  Although it’s far less electronic, it is filled with Indie and Pop gems.
It is good for 3 things:

1. The year is coming to an end and this mix features 2k9 top artists like The XX, Jason Mraz, The Plasticines and Wolf Gang.

2. Something different is always good and I’m sure everybody will find at least 2 songs to love on that.

3. Introducing to you Vinyl & Vodka, a  great new online magazine, being responsible for this mix.

Solo’s remix of Wiley‘s ‘Never Be Your Woman’ has it all.  The chorus is straight house music, the almost melancholic lyrics are sung by the smokey voice of Emeli Sandé. The verses are underpinned with a great bass line, on top of which Wiley doesn’t try too hard to prove that he can rap, which the song so easy on the ear.  The best thing about it though is the stacatto.

Wiley feat. Emeli Sandé- Never Be Your Woman ( Solo Remix)

Definitely today’s biggest party track is brought to you by Fukkk Offf. If you are still on the couch this should finally help you to get up.
‘I punch my bass line into your face’…

Fukkk Offf – I Give You Bass

Competition for the loudest and most party worthy track today comes from Bart B More who remixed the Crookerslatest single with Kelis.

Crookers feat. Kelis- No Security ( Bart B More Remix)

For Pashon, myself, and anyone in the world who loves some new Hot Chip: Although their style doesn’t take you by surprise any more like it did back when they released ‘The Warning‘, ‘On Life Stand‘ is still a  pure timeless Hot Chip classic.

Hot Chip- One Life Stand

Next big name: New Portishead! It’s a dark song but it’s new Portishead so it fits in here full stop.

Portishead- Chase The Tear

But back to the bright side… Which song could take you there easier that one by a band called Fun, which has Christmas jingles in the background and even some electric guitar ‘Jingle Bells’ at the end.  This song is so ridiculously-Christmas-cheesy that it’s actually good again.  If it’s already snowing where you are, grab a bottle of Vodka and have a snowball fight – until somebody gets hurt.

Fun.- Believe Me

The closing act for today is Gigi. I chose the song to leave you with an harmonic, hippiesque feeling- if that’s not what you want, hey I could understand that, just stick with the songs further above.

Gigi feat. Karl Blau- The Old Graveyard

Stay warm.  Do this with either booze or ‘feelings’.  As a matter of fact: use booze.


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5 responses to “FRIDAY WITH PIPPO # 11

  1. woundedduck

    Food and vagina do not mix.

  2. pashoncoop

    Cucumber and Vagina do mix…

  3. KittenMiss

    zucchinis are not bad either…

  4. woundedduck – have you tried a blender? 😮

  5. pashoncoop

    She is a bit crummy in the pic. 😛

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