Come On A ‘Flight’ with Jahbitat

Wonderful video for Jahbitat’s ‘Flight’ that won’t fail to take you  away from your pc screen and into the wides of the world.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

a beautiful video made with even more beautiful love by my big bro MIGUEL RODRIGUEZ… grand master of all things… especially visual…filmed in time lapse on a farm en los llanos, venezuela… it brings day’s & night’s light to a revision of a song called “flight”… originally by my gemini brother MANUVERS… grand master of all things… especially sonic… the voice that sings ever so warm & clear is that of the mighty ANDRES SALAZAR… it comes from a precious recording made somewhere on la isla de margarita, venezuela, possibly around 1980 of an old song called “punto de navegante”… i wish i could find a way to send it to him…
this song is part of my new album “HARPY LIGHTS THE CANOPY” out now on limited edition 12″ vinyl through PROJECT MOONCIRCLE & AREPAZ
sure hope you like it…

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