Ediphotoeye- Emily Dyan Ibarra

I was introduced to Emily Dyan Ibarra on a bad whiskey night, at a Portugal. The Man show, in the mountains of Colorado. 

After taking on the task of photographing some of the guys nearly nude, she diligently looked for photo ops and worked the merch booth.  Honestly, what more could a band ask for?  She possesses the raw talent to truly live the dream and the eye to create amazing art through captured images.

I also respect a photographer who  endures cramped vans, over-occupied hotel rooms, fast-food clad diets, and countless nights on the road to capture the images of life on tour.

Especially one that’s a cute chick who can hold her liquor.

She’s worked with: Portugal. The Man, Chris Conley(of Saves the Day), Minus The Bear, MC LarsDr. Helicopter, RX Bandits and most recently professional parkour and skateboarding athletes.

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5 responses to “Ediphotoeye- Emily Dyan Ibarra

  1. Bangarang looooves EDI!!!!

  2. Jen

    I love Emily’s photography! I think she is a fabulous photographer and a fabulous person. 🙂

  3. pashoncoop

    I like her style.

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