Sunglasses To Pose In – Cocoa & Breezy

Ideas can be elaborate or simple. For example,taking sunglasses given to you after cataracts surgery and throwing studs on them, doesn’t sound that appealing for sunglasses. Guess again, Coca and Breezy executed the designs so well that you can spot some celebs sporting Coca and Breezy(interview).

Would I put on a pair ?  I’m not going to lie, so.. yes I would.

We want to take out the time to encourage our readers to advert your eyes to the blog were we found these sunglasses, Sorry Darlin. A fun blog that is kind of ran like us, by just having fun with what we like, so you go girls at Sorry Darlin!

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One response to “Sunglasses To Pose In – Cocoa & Breezy

  1. Love this!

    Is the first image Rihanna & the second, (supermodel) Omahyra Mota Garcia?!?

    Sorry Darlin seems like a fab blog – they’re into Camera Obscura; I’m digging them 🙂
    Thanks for the post! x.

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