Flaming Lips Cover Pink Floyd

Who else but the Flaming Lips would get accepted to cover the legendary Pink Floyd?  I don’t think there are to many bands out there and the Flaming Lips have proven their creativity a lot of times before.

Recreating the whole ‘Dark Side Of The Moon‘ album with help from the likes of Peaches and Henry Rollins. You can purchase the thing here.

The Flaming Lips feat. Henry Rollings- Money ( Pink Floyd Cover)

Spotted at weallwantsome!

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Filed under electro, experimental, Indie Music, psyche rock, remixes, rock

2 responses to “Flaming Lips Cover Pink Floyd

  1. Yo, anyone here ever played that smoking game? Dogs? listen to dogs and see how much you can get through during the 16 minute song? The last person to see the devil loses! I think. Its been a while.

  2. tgoodloe

    Pink Floyd is a musical power which can never be wielded by lower creatures. The lyrical craft of Roger Waters is transcendent. Any band trying to emulate it will fly like Icarus towards the Dark Side of the Moon. They will be scorched by the insuperable power of words they barely comprehend. And always they will plummet earthward.


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