Friday With Pippo: Saturday Remix

Header by Ruke.

Friday With Pippo is strictly the wrong name for today’s session because of two reasons: 1. Pashon chipped in his musical choices in too so it’s not only ‘With Pippo’ : 2. Very obviously it’s not Friday.

But since today’s post is all about some of the best remixes, it somehow fits again. So the funny guy I am ( haha and lol) I created this creative special title for today.

Also we thought that the Friday post would be a good forum for the first super duper special year-in-music-review-post.

Well half the time of the year I didn’t keep up with the new music being released because I was traveling and I sure didn’t follow the blogosphere when I could nearly reach for the hemisphere, so my digging deeper in the music scene after 6 months of break started in July.

After I was back I remember going wild to Caspas remix of Rusko’s monster of a song called  Cockney Thug.
My brother and I always behaved like animals on drugs when we played that song  at a party.
There was/is just nothing better than the hitting bass-line after Brick Tops last few words  ‘…now WAKE. THE. FUCK. UP’.


Rusko- Cockney Thug ( Caspa Remix)

For the second one all the little sly boots will scream ‘ ahhh oouuuh this is not from 2k9’.
Well $*@# you because for Mr. Cooper and me this is as 2k9 as it gets.
This song was the background music to so many good, atmospheric moments in which I just sat somewhere blowing smoke in the air, just thinking- THIS year.
So I think I made the value of the song clear. Emily Wells created a masterpiece last year, which has been heavily cherished by us this year.

Emily Wells- Juicy ( Biggie Smalls Cover)

Now this one actually is from 2009. I think I said it before: Junior BoysBegun Dull Care’ is one of the best albums this year. Although even higher on my list is what  Prins Thomas created with his recreation ‘Work’: Epic 11 minutes after which I still press replay.

Junior Boys- Work (Prins Thomas Remix)

It’s predictable that The XX would be mentioned here. It’s somehow also predictable how they will treat a song when they remix it.
But you are never prepared for the magic an arouse with every single new song, let it be  a remix or their own original.
Just an example is their remix of Florence And The Machines ‘You’ ve Got The Love’.

Florence And The Machine- You’ve Got The Love ( The XX Remix)

La Roux was remixed uncountable times this year, but Pashon reminded  me that Skream was doing the most memorable job with his version of ‘In For The Kill’.  This song goes out to CC.

La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream’s Let’s Get Ravey Mix)

With Electropop being the most hyped and most popular mainstream music this year the Pet Shop Boys received a lot of honors for their pioneer role in this genre.
Fitting that one of the best and electro producers Gui Boratto remixed their ‘Love Etc.’
Pure greatness which at the same time is easy on the ear.

Pet Shop Boys- Love Etc. ( Gui Boratto Remix)

Pashon had this remix on repeat not only one weekend.
It is fascinating how 12 Floor’s dubstep version of Portishead’ hunter swings between mean and sad, between pushing and depressive.

Portishead -Hunter (12th Floor Remix)

Last one is like the unofficial readers choice of the best remixes/ covers of this year. Since we started that blog in august this year, I think no cover created that much excitement as Anya Marina’s gorgeous cover of T.I. player anthem ‘Whatever You Like’. So here it is, one more time for  you, dearest readers.

Anya Marina- Whatever You Like (T.I. Cover)

I’m still not all finished. You all know that I want a mix in that Friday post.  Since the topic today was best remixes of the year I was very lucky when that amazing Pantyraid mix-tape came to my mind again.  They remixed a lot of big songs in Hip Hop, R’n’B and Pop on that tape. I tell you every single track is a bomb.

Pantyraid Mixtape July 2k9

Alright people watch out for more of our favorite 2k9 remixes to come over at GBC and of course here, on the blog you can trust.


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5 responses to “Friday With Pippo: Saturday Remix

  1. KittenMiss

    Nice work boys 🙂 excellent choice of tracks, particularly Skream’s remix of LaRoux 😉 x

  2. pashoncoop

    Thanks Sweet Pea for showing me the remix. Great taste like usual. Good job Pippo

  3. Sooo Nice! again!
    and that picture! good work ruke!

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  5. My favorite remix of the Junior Boys’ track “Work”! 🙂

    Florence and The Machine, Pet Shop Boys, Portishead… love this post! ❤

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