New Old Justin Vernon

This beautiful piece of music was recorded before Justin Vernon released ‘For Emma, Forever Ago‘ as Bon Iver. He recorded it back in Wisconsin and pressed only hundred copies to sell in a local record store in Raleigh.

But enough of the background information because that song is so pure so plainly beautiful that information is  not necessary.

So press play, close your eyes and hear what Justin Vernon did before he blessed many ears with a LP masterpiece.

Justin Vernon- Hazelton

Thanks to P&P.

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Filed under folk, Indie Music

3 responses to “New Old Justin Vernon

  1. Amelie

    I love this song,it reminds me of someone special.Thanks,Pippo!

  2. pashoncoop

    Thank you Pippo too. 🙂

  3. pippokolores

    very much appreciated Ammel!

    and Pashizzy, it’s always a pleasure my friend.

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