‘Say You Will’ Give Me More Music From KRL

No worries this has nothing today with Kanye’s Track.

This is a funky track by a guy…but truth be told I know NOTHING about him. If I google his name they offer me software and hardware but not such nice ware as his music obviously is.

Says Another night on earth:

KRL tracks are pretty special, they’re kind of hybrids of Hip Hop, Disco and House more than they are ‘edits’, and work wonders on dance floors. So it’s my absolute pleasure to be able to hand over to you, the first in a series of free edits by the man; this is quality gear for dj’s and underground music lovers, it’s also being made available in Wav format – double score!

ANOE also has an exclusive interview with the mysterious artist which is definitely worth reading if you want to know more- check it here.

According to them he should be dropping an EP in spring via Wolf Music. So watch out.

KRL – Say You Will (Eddie Henderson)

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