Well, well, well it’s the first’ Friday With Pippo’ in 2010.
Now did I change anything for the new year? Nope.
And did I make any New Year’s pledges? Nope.

So ‘Friday With Pippo’ for now just stays as perfect as it always was.

Because of that I start with a mix that is brought to you by Deadboy. It‘s still winter, at least here in Germany, but I think most of you spoiled Americans still feel a bit cold, it‘s a mix long on Dubstep influences. Next to Deadboy the mix features big names like Martyn or Joy Orbison.

Exclusive for Fact Magazine.

Deadboy- Factmix 112

Speaking for myself I rather forget about the snow than tramp through it. So here is a sudden pace switcher.  Harvard Bass, not featured for the first time on a Friday, turns the Acid Girl‘s Lightworks into one even meaner bassline.

Do yourself a favor and watch  the video for the original.

Acid Girls- Light works ( Harvard Bass Remix)

If you can make a heavy dance/ electro track out of an Empire Of The Sun song you are damn good. Hey! Today are two German guys that good.

Wait to 3: 00 something until more vocals drop. Boy I love that tune.

Empire Of The Sun- Standing On The Shore ( Hey! Today Remix )

Next one is my favorite today, L-Vis 1990 ’s ‘United Groove’ is one hell of a song. African voice sample and drums deliver a funky, good mood feeling while the bassline and the synthies are straight London grime/ electro.

L- Vis 1990- United Groove

Everybody and their great great grandmother is talking about the new song by The Knife.
I won’t.
Oh, wait I got one small thing to say: Give the song more than 3 minutes and THEN you will understand why everybody is talking until they are blue in their faces.

The Knife- Color Of Pigeons

Björk and Coco’Rosie team up to become Josephine Olausson. Not really, but at least this is what the  Love Is All front singer’s voice reminds me of. ‘ Kungen’ is the first track from the Swedes upcoming album Two Thousand And Ten Injuries. It’s a powerful indie track with a smaller ska/ punk-esque passage which I can easily bare considering the rest of the track’s quality.

Love Is All- Kungen

If you live in the city and you’ve been to the right party, the following song’s title is what will bring you home.  Or if you are either too drunk or too lazy, then it doesn’t matter where you are because this song is still the best company you could have.

Make sure to buy Vampire Weekend‘s new album ‘Contra’!

Vampire Weekend- Taxi Cab

I need to snatch a few good hours of sleep, but I think I provided the right materials for your weekend.


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3 responses to “FRIDAY WITH PIPPO #12

  1. pashoncoop

    Pippo you did it again 3rd round listening. 🙂

  2. pashoncoop

    Dude the Bass on Acid Girls and the Empire of the Sun remix… let me catch my breath.

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