Friday With Pippo #13

all thanks to Ruke!

I haven’t been posting much music lately because I had to do things people say would be more important than this blog. Shitheads.
I promise when you hit the jump you will forgive me.

The mix today comes from great Renaissance Man! A perfect way to set up a very electronic Friday.

Renaissance Man- Berlin Kreuzberg Institut Mix ( direct link; save as)

You will fall in love within the first 30 seconds. Wait with your proposal until 5:56 when Alexis Taylor’s vocals drop. I mean I’m already married to this song, but with a song like so, polygamy is acceptable.

Hot Chip- One Life Stand ( Carl Craig PCP Remix)

Today’s candy female voice plus heavy synthie monster comes from We Love Machines.
I suggest to wait until later in the night, because before you get a couple of drinks in your system this song will get on your balls, but after-wards….

We Love Machines- Electic Shock

Next heavy hitter is a perfect way to celebrate M.I.A’s comeback!

Rye Rye feat. M.I.A- Bang ( Addeboy vs.. Cliff with Adam Tensta)

Doorly Remix is a track taken and given a darker twist, some deep drums, and vibrating synthesizers, the result is always great!

Groove Armanda- Paper Romance ( Doorly Remix)

The shimmering open of that remix by Fenech Soler suits the song title perfectly. After that is keeps going  upwards with techno/ electro-pop at it’s best.
Marina And The Diamonds – Hollywood (Fenech Soler remix)

Tonight I’m fucked up, laying somewhere in the corner, but loving the remix by Nosaj Thing, who is finally getting all the credit he deserves for his steady and perfect work.
Radiohead – Reckoner (Nosaj Thing Remix)

If you’re still feeling it in your corner, just stay there, enjoy your dizziness, light another cigarette and listen to the following.

This Is Head- 02 0002 ( D. Lissvik Remix) ( direct link; save as)

Now, I think at some point you will rise from your corner and get home and  probably won’t feel like a fresh new life when you wake up. Here is the song that should help you feel better.

Peasant- Well Alright

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  1. Thanks for this! Ive been looking all over the internet for this.

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