Photography & Music by Dylan Jones

We fell in love with Dylan Jones’ photography ever since he sent me the first page of his flickr. Not using a digital slr but a 35mm slr I was intrigued to learn more, so I randomly asked him some questions that my gal and I conjured up.

Dylan Jones – Untitled Cassette

He just posted a new song on Soundcloud ,but I really like the tempo and weird sounds in this mix.

More photography

P.C : How much is a 35 mm slr?

D.J : You can get a decent one for 40 bucks on ebay, something nicer is  usually around for 100, but it depends really.

P.C : Hmm.. How about the cost of film?

D.J :I purchased a four pack of iso 400 for $15 on amazon, shipping was free.

P.C : Ok, so how many photos can you get from one roll ?

D.J : 24

P.C : How much to develop the film?

D.J : I don’t know, around $7 usually.

P.C : Haha…Sorry for all the questions, but I’m going to use some of this for an article in the future for you. Do you develop them yourself?

D.J : Unfortunately no, I get them developed at my local cvs

P.C : Does developing black and white photos cost more?

D.J :Yeah,it’s stupid though, because they add the color, so they charge you more for doing less.

P.C : How do you convert your hard copy prints into digital files and what is that process called?

D.J : I scan them with a scanner. This process is called “scanning”.

P.C : hahaha….Thought it would be like Telecine or something, but can you get the develops converted to cd ?

D.J : I’m not sure if you can. I never do; I prefer the tangible print over a digital copy.

It feels good to finally display the work of a talented artist out to a wider audience. You can count on more from Dylan Jones in the future.

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One response to “Photography & Music by Dylan Jones

  1. pashoncoop

    I dig your work. Looking forward to seeing more.

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