Modern Jewelry by Karolina Bik

While searching for unique art my friend Baska sent me her friends Jewelry page.  Karolina Bik is her name , one of a kind jewelry is her game.

See more Jewelry here.

The sleek and outstanding smithing of Karolina’s work is what caught our attention. Because I know nothing about jewelry making I had to ask Karoline some questions since she’s the expert.

P.C : How long have you been making bling Karolina?

K.B : Since I was 17 , professionally since 2008 and it was love at first site.

P.C : You use silver in your pieces.

K.B : Yes, gold too and many many other materials, some really unusual.

P.C : What other types of material?

K.B : Hmm…starting from enamel, crystals, stones, finishing on blood, ferrofluid and others.

P.C : Bloood????????????

K.B : Yes,mine.

P.C : How did you come to the notion to use blood in one of your pieces?

K.B : The conceptual pieces I make are inspired mainly of my life experiences. Everything comes from my emotions and what is inside.

P.C : Ok, one last question. What project are you dieing to work on in the future.

K.B : Inspiration surrounds us… It is here in the certain moment, in the past and the future. As for ideas, concepts I believe in this sentence said by a worldwide known jewelry artist Philip Sajet. ” The idea is like tree… It must die to be born. You must let the idea die to be born again. ” I try to have this attitude towards my projects.  I have the concept, I let it live and then let it die for a day, week, year and then its’ reborn in a different, new, improved and more rich way.  To sum up…  This occupation is literally tears, sweat and blood.

Baska: Competitions then?

K.B : Many competitions.

P.C : We are looking forward to seeing pictures and hoping you do swell in many competitions.

Email Karolina Bik ( for more info or purchases.

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3 responses to “Modern Jewelry by Karolina Bik

  1. Not really my style, but it’s unique.

  2. pashoncoop

    I really like the rings.

  3. Nicole

    not a fan of the style, but brooch II is nice.

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