Byron Foxx – Turn that $^!t Up

Byron Foxx is a dj/producer running out of Melbourne, Australia.  He’s recently released his latest radio set pushed out of Central Music Radio.

Byron’s set is full house, funk, soul and a bit of pop thrown in too.  It got us bopping from start to finish, hope it gets your happy feet moving.

For the fans – Tracklist

01. Crazy P Pres Syndromes – The Hit
02. The Revenge – Reaction Time
03. DJ Kinx – Hot Shizzle (Byron Foxx Mix)
04. DJ Bang – Stay in Step
05. High Maintenance – Clap Ya Hands
06. Tom Drummond – The Jam (4Peace Greasy Dub)
07. Craig Hamilton – Funky Soul
08. Robb Swinga – Uptown Hoe (Spicey Mix)
09. Jam Funk – Fit The Shoe
10. Blakkat Feat Tyra – Other Woman
11. James Curd – Purple Rose
12. Byron Foxx – Madhouse
13. Byron Foxx – Soul Fever
14. Serial Thrilla – Daft Funk
15. Kinky Movement – Minor Swing
16. Dollkraut – I Won’t Forget

Header pic via: Ralph Pedersen

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3 responses to “Byron Foxx – Turn that $^!t Up

  1. Would it be taboo to ask for a playlist?

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