Exclusive Track & Interview – NVR-NDR

We have an interview with one of our regulars on the blog, [tlr]-NVR-NDR. Confused yet? TLR (Taylor) is his name and Nvr- Ndr ( “never-end-er”) is the project. If you still don’t get it wait until you read the interview and listen to the terrific track.

We finally caught up with each other via AIM and this is what happened:

P.C : One sec I’m going to put the track on again while I ask you random and probably not the much about music questions.

TLR : Okey Dokey,I’m glad this worked out

P.C : Yea me too; we’ve been playing cat and mouse. That Powerforce mix was crazy that you sent me.  Spratz from the mix files asked me where I found it.

TLR : Haha..I thought it was pretty good. Have you heard the 12 hour Mustard Pimp mix or the Ludachrist Bangfest mix?

P.C : The mustard pimp one yes not the last one though.

TLR : Wow you are in for a treat :  Ludachrist Bangfest mix, it’s kind of old news.

P.C : Sweet, Ok so I was thinking of a description of what your music sounds like and came up with this : A fantasy guitar ride on a rainbow with a unicorn getting a tattoo by a leprechaun shitting out gold. Well, that’s what I picture in my head when I listen to this track. With a smile on my face of course. What do you think your music sounds like?

TLR : Haha… Hmm, well that is a pretty hard description to beat.

P.C : Yes.. mission accomplished 🙂

TLR : ^_^ Maybe magical giant robots fighting for love in a parallel universe.

P.C : Oh dam…that’s a good one,so you were talking about being in some LA magazine?

TLR : Yeah I just did an interview with Citizen LA.

P.C : Awesome they beat me us to the punch, but next month your debut show is in Lincoln Heights. Have you seen that show on TV? I’m not going to lie it’s pretty good.

TLR : Haha.. no, I don’t really watch TV. I watch some Anime, I watch Adult Swim online and I watch a lot of sci-fi/fantasy movies.

P.C : Good, TV rots your brain enough that you will ask stupid questions for interviews.

TLR : Hehe…It’s all good man, I am definitely happy it’s more laid back and less in depth interview than the citizen LA one, that one was pretty personal.

P.C : Yea man the asked you everything but your SSI number,so we’ve posted you 2 times prior on the blog and the tracks were just the guitar and drums.

TLR : Yeah just programming and guitar this is the first track out with vocals I re-wrote the lyrics until like 10 minutes before recording.

P.C : I was pretty impressed with the vocals because I had doubts due to just loving the non-vocal track you sent our way.

TLR : Thanks!  I really appreciate that. Yeah I am pretty nervous about doing vocals because I haven’t really done a project where I am doing vocals before.I’m more of a instrumentalist, composer-background type person for Nvr-Ndr. I will have vocals for almost every song, if not every single song, scary.

P.C : No exciting.

TLR : Part of why I never write vocals is I felt like it was hard to think of what I wanted to tell people exactly, and now I think I know a bit about what I want to say, so I feel like it’s the right time in my life to do it.  I want to tell people that they should GO FOR IT!

P.C : So positive reinforcements to help the mental and physical capabilities of a fragile human being or like Dr. Phil, but in a cool way.

TLR : Well yeah! Life is tough, music has really inspired me and I want to inspire other people.

P.C : Music is your escape into your happy place?

TLR : Definitely, because it’s the closest I can come to creating my own reality.

P.C : Awesome. How do you like LA?

TLR : I LOVE LA. There’s so much to do here, it’s always amazing stuff going on and crazy creative people everywhere, so many different sub-cultural scenes all interacting and influencing each other

P.C : Very true.. I lived in Venice Beach last spring and summer.

TLR : I live in West la right now but I def prefer the east side Korea town, downtown, little Tokyo, Lincoln Heights, the warehouse district, that’s where it’s all happening. I call West LA the land of the 10$ sandwich, because everything is overpriced here.

P.C : What’s your favorite place to eat in LA.

TLR : Thai Eagle Rox, I eat there all the time with my girlfriend, it’s like our secret restaurant. I hope they don’t get popular, because the best part is how quiet it is.

P.C : Now when you go prepare to take a number.

TLR : ^_^ The lineup for the show march 27th was just confirmed, its gonna be amazing

P.C : What do you know about OZ.

TLR : OZ like the wizard land?

P.C : Haha… Got you, it’s another term for Australia.

TLR : I had no idea that’s kind of awesome.  I’d like to go to Australia someday, it seems pretty. I have never left the United States.

P.C : Mexico? Canada?

TLR : Top on my list of places to go is Japan. I’ve been to TJ, but that doesn’t really count.
P.C : Yes it does, especially if you saw the horse or donkey show.

TLR : (Laugh) Well, it was a school field trip to build houses for poor kids,so it really doesn’t.

P.C : I feel like shat now my bad.

TLR : No problem. I am really interested to see how people will react to the live show. I am glad you like the track! Its’ definitely going to be different than the usual dark scary break-core horror movie sample stuff everyone is used to.

P.C : It’s great that you mentioned breakcore.

TLR : Love breakcore! I’m definitely gonna check that out, always looking for new music to listen to, I get bored pretty fast. I really appreciate you interviewing me, you guys are a very cool blog group.

P.C : Thanks. The world may not be ready for it, but by god we are.

TLR : Haha.. Somebody had to do it right?

P.C : For sure…. I have to be up in 4 hrs and it was a pleasure to finally catch up  with you.

TLR : Alright, thanks man let me know if I can do anything to help!  ^_^ cheerz!  Get some sleep.

Be Who You Are – Nvr-Ndr

Photography by Marianne Williams

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  1. photo is by Marianne Williams (www.halfasecondorless.com)

    here is a download link for the file.



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