A Stroll Down Memory Lane…of Rage!

Streets of Rage

Whether you played Streets of Rage as a kid or not, I’m pretty sure the tracks up on Feelmybicep.com will give you the same nostalgia pang I’m feeling right now, listening to Beachfront.

I never played the game, but it was released the same year as my all time favorite, Street Fighter II… and I like the shoes (check out those high tops!)

Yuzo Koshiro (Street of Rage) -Beachfront

Thanks a lot, Feelmybicep.com, now I am stuck in this memory of sitting on my cousins water-bed playing Street Fighter for hours, and I miss my old friends Blanka, Ryu and Zangief.

Street Fighter 2

Go Blanka!

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3 responses to “A Stroll Down Memory Lane…of Rage!

  1. Oh my, so many memories.

  2. haha, ryu was a legend, i played that game for hours on end, bit of a button basher i was though.

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