Cast Spells Limited Vinyl EP

Cast Spells, Dave Davison‘s other project next to Maps & Atlases, will release an EP called ‘Bright Works And Baton‘ on May 4, 2010 on Dovecote Records.

Luckily the blog you can always rely on, Day & Night announces early enough that the release is limited to 500 copies and you should head over to Sargent House and buy that!

Now of course it could be that you have your doubts, saying ‘okay limited EP, but so what, I don’t even know what kind of music they are making!’ Fair enough.  What you should do in that case is click here and listen to the album. Also, we have the wonderful song ‘Pioneer Scalps‘ for free download just for you,which is a perfect example of the sound Cast Spells who somewhat reminds me of some old Cat Stevens classic with a new and fresh energy, making you want to hear more.

Cast Spells – Pioneer Scalps

Cast Spells- Pioneer Scalps(mp3)

Much thanks to Goldest Egg!!

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