The Radio Dept

the radio dept

The Radio Dept is from Sweden and released their last album ‘David‘ in June 2k9, but this year they announced yet another LP to drop. Called ‘ Clinging To A Scheme‘, without a fixed released date so far, though.

Their sound reminds me a lot of Depeche Mode, and it’s surprising that it took me so long to stumble over their music, because it should be forbidden to overlook so much quality.

For many of you, dear readers, the fact that they are signed to the same label as The Sound Of Arrows (Labrador), might be a big indicator of how good they are.

The Radio Dept have been releasing albums since 2002 on a regular basis and I discovered them just now, if you are in the same situation I have a wonderful set I found on Soundcloud where you can paint yourself a picture.  Play the song ‘David‘ for a first listen, it’s a truly great song!

Give the uploader some credit!

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One response to “The Radio Dept

  1. Jelena

    The radio dept. is certainly one of the best bands I discovered recently! I was supposed to go to their concert but they canceled the tour 😦

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