New Video & Album from GFC

Guerilla Foco Clan is sponsored by us an you know why? You can say they are “too dope for the radio“or just simply rappers from the new school who bring you dope beats and party atmosphere lyrics.

The ‘Reflection’ video was made with zero dollars and is off  their up in coming album” This Is For The Night Life” .

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This Is For The Night Life is the new album that’s coming out soon. Here’s a track called Around in Two Weeks, ft. Fat Tony with a fresh beach boys cut in the mix.

Now for a little mini interview with Nash White from GFC.

P.C : I remember first hearing The Swaggarlific,Flossiphonic,Play It,Cause We Brought It Ep which is still amazing, especially with the Sigur Ros mix.  How many people are in the group?

N.W : Thanks, That EP is old news now. The band consists of 2 rappers, me and my cousin Chess and a girl named Maggie Vaughn sings on some tracks. I produced all the beats at the time of that EP ,we had two other members,but things got complicated and since GFC is more or less my group, I decided I wasn’t going to put up with bullshit, besides, chemistry between me and my cousin is unmatchable, so we are able to understand ourselves much easier in order to create something better.

P.C : I hear you man. One of the dopest beats and songs you all made was Too Dope for the radio, I would love to see a video for that also.

N.W : Reflection was made into a video because that video cost me absolutely nothing to make. I found a handy cam in my closet and filmed my life with it. When we have a bigger budget  we’ll do one for Too Dope For The Radio. The next music video we’ll put out will be for our song, Coffee and Cigarettes.

P.C : So where does GFC perform mostly?

N.W : We do shows all around Houston at house party’s, local events and venue shows. We’ll be at SXSW performing at after parties. Also, at Houston’s SummerFest, which will feature bands like Slim Thug, Girl Talk, Flaming Lips and more.

P.C : Sounds great. You guys are working hard.

N.W : I’m putting out a remix mixtape in a couple weeks that will feature the all stars of Houston’s underground rap scene, then dropping my album soon and another GFC mixtape a month after that plus some short films planned, so we’re constantly busting our asses on all this.

P.C : It shows man. You guys remind me of a layed back Beastie Boys with a southern twang added.

N.W: Haha.. yeah.

P.C : So you guys like to smoke it up, pour it up, light up and pour it in a cup?

N.W: yeuhhh..

P.C : Love that chorus.  So you guys were born in raised in Houston and how do you like H-Town?

N.W: I love it. We live in the Montrose area of  Houston,which is like the hipster haven, or so it’s called, very diverse in culture and very free spirited.

P.C : Nice ,so it would be like a little 5 points here in Atlanta. Name of the new album that’s coming out when?

N.W: Debut album, This is for the Night Life
Act I: The Party
1. Giving Up (Intro)
2. Dream
3. Reflection
Act II: Crashing Down
4. I Love (My Lifestyle)
5. For Lee
6. Coffee and Cigarettes
Act III: Love Life (Realization)
7. Don’t Say A Word
8. Bring It Down (We Don’t Care)
9. Marrianne
Act IV: Nothing Stopping
10. Holdin Em Up
11. Around in Two Weeks
12. Too Dope for the Radio
13. FBGM
Act V: Beginning’s End
14. Get Down
15. Mongoose
16. Outro

That’s the working track-list.  It’s divided into several different acts per act, the songs change in content, theme, and style.  The album revolves mostly around “the night life” pointing out the pros and cons so to say.

P.C : Release date?

N.W : When it’s done. All the beats are done. We still have about 4 more songs to complete the vocals on, then I might hold it back a week or so just to get a marketing plan in order.

P.C : You have 3 songs off the new album,right?

N.W : Yes, you can find them on our myspace and/or bandcamp.

P.C : Well there you have it, a new video from GFC and 3 tracks off their upcoming album This Is For The Night Life.  Thanks for being patient Nash. It’s been hectic lately and hope to hear you guys in the ATL soon.

N.W : No problem. Fosho, during the summer I definitely wanna get some shows down there.

P.C : I can set it up.

N.W : That would be dope.

Thanks again for the time and great music GFC.

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4 responses to “New Video & Album from GFC

  1. krnk

    GFC goes hard.
    every damn day.

  2. Holla 😉

    Btw, Pashon would you like to do this as a feature/article in a future issue of MOCK Magazine (

    Let me know. x.

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