Alan Wilkis – ‘The Shining Path’

alan wilkis

We cherish Alan Wilkis for his great remixes and we also love what RJD2 outs out.  But we have to admit that we wouldn’t have thought of combining them.

Alan Wilkis thought of that himself and yes it was a good idea.  Way different than the remix he did for Shwayze ,this mix is pure funk, which mixes up sweetly with the song’s vocals.

RjD2 feat. Phonte – The Shining Path ( Alan Wilkis Remix)

Props to Alan Wilkis for being gently enough to upload it and share it with us.

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7 responses to “Alan Wilkis – ‘The Shining Path’

  1. He’s Phoenix remix last year was the beesneez!

  2. pippokolores

    The 1901 remix, yes I agree!

  3. Does Phonte never rap these days? Was hoping their would be more rhyming on the sophomore Foreign Exchance LP. Still this is a dope track and Phonte can sing thats for sure.

  4. cj

    excellent little tune. 😀

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