The Hood Internet vs The 2000s

the hood internet

The Hood Internet, who make it impossible to decide what their best mash up is, take you back to a trip through some mash-up’s in 2000.

From their page:

We put this track together for Cokemachineglow’s 2000s Fantasy Podcast. It’s a year-by-year journey through the past decade in a little over six minutes. Featuring:

2000 – Dr. Dre vs Radiohead, 2001 – Missy Elliott vs Daft Punk, 2002 – Ludacris vs The New Pornographers, 2003 – Kelis vs The Rapture, 2004 – Twista f/ Kanye West vs Arcade Fire, 2005 – Three 6 Mafia vs Sufjan Stevens, 2006 – T.I. vs Peter Bjorn and John, 2007 – Rich Boy vs LCD Soundsystem, 2008 – Lil Wayne vs Hot Chip, 2009 – Jay Sean vs Phoenix

Go here to download the whole podcast, which this mix was made for.

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