Flash Delirium – MGMT


MGMT made the song ‘Flash Delirium‘ available for free download to fuel the anticipation for their new album. They keep on riding something like the new-wave-hippie train with an electronic indie twist, which worked stupendously on their first album.

But this new song starts like a leftover off their debut album and doesn’t deliver the fresh feeling like when you first heard ‘Time To Pretend‘.

The song does develops over time and takes you from the groovy MGMT new indie to a faster pace, where the instrumentals reminds me very much of The Doors.  MGMT might not bring as much new flavor with their sophomore effort ‘ Congratulations‘ as they did before, but ‘Flash Delirium‘ lets us hope that they try to stay creative and that ‘Congratulations‘ will be more than just a ‘Oracular Spectacular 2.0‘.

MGMT- Flash Delirium

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